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Let’s deal with this issue once and for all, peeling off all the myths from it, separating the grain from the tares. Comfort Zone – what is it? Judging by the name, this is the “place” where we feel comfortable. Right? So why can’t we stay here for longer (eternally will be ideal of course), why does it consistently change, why are we pushed out of that zone when it is comfortable and cozy there?

For me personally I started to ask these questions when I began practicing yoga many years ago. I remember my teachers were always saying: “To transform and change you need to move out of your comfort zone.” I was so resistant, I simply didn’t want to get out. I thought I liked the place where I am. However, thinking more about that zone I started to have the slightest hints of doubt in the “place” where I was at that time. I noticed that something started to change, many things in my life started to feel different.

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The Sea And Sun Salutations event took place Saturday 15/02/2017 – with a group of yogis saluting the sun in an Elemental Water Flow sequence aboard an open boat, overlooking the city scape of the Dubai Marina. We caught up with yoga instructor for the event, Natalia Fata to find out more about the Elemental Flow Yoga series and the benefits of this practice.

SSS: What is Elemental Flow Yoga?

Natalia: There are five great elements of nature (earth, air, water, fire and ether). These elements form the structure of the mind/body and the world surrounding all. A deeper understanding of the elements allows one’s yoga practice to evolve with the changing seasons and life cycles, and this creates a foundation from which to sustain a lifelong practice of yoga.

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Although we identify ourselves with our physical body we are actually much more then that; we are multidimensional, energetic, spiritual beings having a physical human experience. It is important for us to bring into our awareness and keep balanced the 3 main layers of our True Self: the Heart (or Soul), the Mind and the Body. This is the key to how maintain our health , peace, harmony and wholeness of our Being. The self- healing process is dependent on the unity and perfect balance between those 3 main layers of our True Self. If the connection between those 3’s become disrupted, lost; or if one of them becomes dominant or weak, we immediately start feeling out of balance; our bodies start sending signals of pain and discomfort; our minds become restless, anxious and disturbed; we feel unhappy, depressed, worried and no whole. That is when we must realize the WHOLENESS of our Being is disturbed and feel like falling into pieces.

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We all live in a time of accelerated change and transformation. We all have entered the most intensified purification process the Earth and Humanity has ever experienced. Our world is set to transform and ascend. That is why lately most of us experience physical, emotional or mental pain and discomfort. The whole ascension process does not have the goal to keep us in pain. It is a deep cleansing process to free us from old belief systems, fears and pain. It is meant to spark us, motivate us to heal and go for our hearts desires and dreams. We are to become true free spirits, our true authentic selves. What we will become after the transformation goes beyond our wildest imaginations! Deep inner peace, harmony, oneness, community and unconditional love. We are the forerunners to show others the way. Therefore, everything that is not serving us for this goal is stripped off of us now. All the 3D stuff we got so used to! And that can hurt as hell. That being said, during  my “Mastery to Spiritual Awakening and Alchemistry” monthly course you will receive some helpful tips, gain new skills to navigate your own awakening journey and move forward as quickly as possible.

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13891792_10206082727644621_9172313304882746843_nLimiting beliefs prevent you from seeing opportunities and discourage you from trying it all. Here are some examples of common limiting beliefs that mostly all of us have:

  • I am not good enough” => that leads toward low esteem and luck of self confidence
  • Mistakes and failure are bad” => with this belief you will avoid growth and learning experience, because you have to be willing to fail in order to build new skills.
  • Rejecting is a bad thing” => leads to avoiding approaching new people, social connections
  • I am not important “ => leads to living a life as a victim not a winner
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Every month during the Full Moon Yoga workshops we experience and practice the combination of Ancient Wisdom and Progressive Science which are being the innovative approach to Hatha Yoga in its definition and its purpose. The practice of Full Moon Yoga is based on the knowledge of electromagnetic forces inside and outside of the human body, its influence on energy, physical and psychological state, hence the state of Consciousness.

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During the upcoming August Full Moon workshop (on Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 8:00 pm at Grand Midwest Towers Hotel) in order to transform your fears and limiting beliefs, I will introduce you firstly how to own them and secondly how to release and to transform them into higher vibration for your own benefit.

You will learn how to not be afraid of feeling afraid, not to be insecure about feeling insecure, and not to resist feeling joyous, open and vulnerable.

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IMG_6806From time to time do you feel sudden weakness, frustration, mood swings, energy draining, apathy and bad luck in everything you do.

If yes, most probably you have got many unfinished energy connections (or ethereal cords) with the other people from your present and from your past. These strings develop mainly on all chakras but mainly and usually are formed on lower chakras.  People who easily see auras also see how ethereal strings and energy connections between people and events effect sicknesses and information about present, past and future.

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inspirational-quotes-3A relationship with a person is not what is reflecting from that person. It is exactly what is reflecting from us. Everyone inclined to see its own reflection in the outer world and in the other people. To a tired person everyone seems tired. To a sick person – sick. To a losing person – lost. To a happy and contented person – happy and pleased. We don’t see the world we only see the content of our minds…

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Know what you Love…

10702087_10202763940997029_510544657765953552_nPlease see that I want nothing from you. It is in your own interest that I speak, because above all you love yourself, you want yourself secure and happy. Don’t be ashamed of it, don’t deny it. It is natural and good to love oneself.
Only you should know what exactly do you love. It is not the body that you love, it is Life— perceiving, feeling, thinking, doing, loving, striving, creating. It is that Life you love, which is you, which is all. Realize it in its totality, beyond all divisions and limitations, and all your desires will merge in it, for the greater contains the smaller. Therefore find yourself, for in finding that you find all…

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Love as it is…

– So, you’re not interested in who I loved before you?10390504_10202771759192479_3115965468429541681_n
– No. It does not matter to me.
– And even if you knew, you wouldnt be jealous?
– Jealous? For what reason?
– What if I was thinking about some other woman from my past, when I was with you? You would not be anxious that I would leave you and go back to her? You wouldn’t be worried?
– No .
– Then I guess you do not love me.
– Babe, you do not understand. Love has nothing to do with jealousy and the fear of losing someone. I love you, but…

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